Janet K Howe

immersive / interactive / site-specific

director - producer - consultant

Janet K Howe is a London based, international immersive, interactive, and site-specific director, creator, consultant, and producer. For seven years Janet served as Artistic Director of (re)discover theatre in Chicago, producing eighteen shows, eight large events, and ongoing programing. This included creating and directing large scale productions such as ‘Farewell My Friends’ and ‘FOR ONE’. Janet's background in dance and design creates highly visual and multi-sensory experiences. Janet has an interest in how interactive experiences and play can be used to unpack challenging and complex topics. Recently, Janet completed an MA studying immersive theatre in London, focusing on this interest as well as accessibility in immersive forms. Janet has trained with Punchdrunk, Third Rail Projects, The Neo Futurist, Frantic Assembly, and has worked with companies such as Blast Theory, ZU-UK, and Coney.


Blast Theory

[January, 2019]

Janet will be doing work with Blast Theory in Brighton throughout January.