Janet is a London based, international theatre director having worked in the United States, Paris, Berlin, Rome, and London. While studding immersive theater at Middlesex University: London, Janet is also the Co-Artistic Director at (re)discover theatre, in Chicago, IL, USA. Over the past six years, Janet has led the company in producing eighteen shows, eight large events, and ongoing programing. Their work is focused on immersive and site-specific theatre. Janet is interested in how live theatrical experiences can activate audiences and make them an essential part of a production.

Janet holds a BA in Directing from Webster University. There they studied directing, as well as design. Before college, Janet studied for 15 years as a dancer. This background creates an innately physical heartbeat in the work. In Chicago, Janet has trained with the Neo Futurists in physical theatre and solo theatre works. Additional training that influences all Janet's work includes clown and ensemble devising techniques.

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