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Roll both dice 5 times 





D20 is the number of strides

1 = turn right

2 = turn around

3 = turn left

4 = strait ahead



do this at any time

You should be in a place where you can wander comfortably for about 15minutes. 


Send me whatever you find

by text or email


Full Transcript:

Hello dear wanderer. I hear you’ve lost the coordinates, the destination, the path, the way to go, why to go.


I don’t know exactly where you’re going or what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re not even quite sure. I can’t give you a precise answer but I can give you… a map of sorts. A way to go.


You should be in a place where you can wander comfortably. Your journey will begin with a question. A curiosity. A clarity being sought. A wonder for your wander.


You see, most of the universe is dark matter. 85% of the known universe is made up of things we cannot see, and do not understand. And then there are points of light. Points of clarity. Things that we do understand.

While we tend to focus on the clarity, the sureness, the lights; it’s the dark matter that actually holds the universe together. 

So even where there is darkness, a lack of clarity, or the light seems distorted or confusing; there is still something there. There is something incredibly powerful in the spaces in between. We may just need to look at it differently.


So now we begin.


You will want to write down all your directions before launching your wandering. You can use your own dice or a digital roller. As you wander, pace your strides based on the space you’re journeying through. This is yours. If your directions send you in a way that does feel right. Trust that impulse that comes from within and adjust. We are all made of star stuff after all. That might be your inner star guiding you when the dice cannot.


You will need two dice a D4 and D20


The D4 will point your direction, turn 90 degrees times your roll. So that a 1 is a turn to the right, a 2 turns you around, a 3 is a turn to the left and a 4 sends you strait ahead.


The D20 will tell you how many strides to make in that direction. The length of your stride should fit the length of your space.


Roll both dice 5 times so that you have 5 directions and 5 stride counts.

Once you have these, set off on your wander. Capture things you notice along the way and at your final coordinates.


Before you roll. Ask your question. What are you seeking? What are you curious about? What do you hope to discover at your coordinates?


And remember, Dark matter can distort and bend points of light so what you discover may not be clear. Listen to your inner star, maybe it can translate. Or perhaps the clarity will come later.


I hope this map of sorts helps. Send whatever it is you find. Have a safe journey dear Wanderer.

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