Janet enjoys leading workshops for all ages. With a background training with Children's Theatre Company, Minneapolis, and directing kindergarten operas with Opera Theatre St. Louis, Janet has experience working with many age groups. Recently, their workshops have focused on professional actor and director training in immersive and interactive forms.

Past Workshops:

IMMERSIVE THEATRE WORKSHOP SERIES   Middlesex University (5, 7, & 12, March 2019)

MOVEMENT & RESPONDING TO SPACE: This workshop looks a devised movement and how we can respond to space. Using building blocks and devised movement we work through how we can create movement with each other and with the space. Borrowing ideas from Lacoq, Viewpoints, as well as generative techniques from Frantic Assembly, Third Rail Projects, and Punchdrunk the workshop delves into the various intersections of movement and space. Throughout participants have the opportunity to test techniques generating movement sequences.

AUDIENCE INTERACTIVITY: This workshop explores the complex audience relationship in interactive forms. Through a series of exercises we explore how to build a relationship with audience through considering their role in the space and how we invite them in. As a group we work through how to read an audience, negotiate audience content, and facilitate a safe environment for all. The workshop leads into creating short for pieces for an audience of one. We then take the next step in scaling experiences for different sized audience.

CRAFTING A MULTI-SENSORY EXPERIENCE: This workshop explores the various human sense and how we as immersive and interactive creators might be able to employ them. Through a series of exercises we unpack the rich potential behind each sense and how it can tie to memory, emotion, character, and story. The event culminates in a chance to experiment with the elements explored and gift a short multi-sensory experience to a fellow participant.


with (re)discover theatre 23 June 2018


Session 1:
10:00am - 1:00pm - Performing Immersive

Session 2:
2:00pm - 5:00pm - Creating and Designing Immersive


5:30pm - Immersive Community Mixer